Do you feel stuck in a life that you do not want, but feel helpless to do anything about it? I know I have. Being in an unhappy marriage, going through 7 years of infertility,  no relationship with my family, suffering from severe social anxiety, remaining stuck in a dead end job, waking up every night in panic, fear of remaining in this place forever, I know what it’s like to reach the bottom. The situation had become so familiar that it became normality and falsely ‘secure’, and I hadn’t even realised how bad it had become.

Then in 2014 I received a message which saved my life. A colleague sent me a link to an energy healing webinar. I discovered that there is an energy body, and by releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, we become “reprogrammed”, thus making real change a possibility. From then on my life was never the same. I had to go deeper. I started with hypnosis, which left me laughing like a little girl after just one session. The results were not permanent though, so there had to be something else. Then I stumbled on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and following the Tapping World Summit. I was stunned. Few months later, I was struck by an article from a social anxiety coach, and a short while after that I hired him.

The transformation in my life was incredible. I let go of the unhappy marriage, I restored the relationship with my family, I traveled solo to the other side of the world, I have a wonderful circle of friends, I was offered a creative job, my health improved tremendously, my finances improved, and…..I got pregnant naturally! Now, I am on a spiritual journey of self discovery, and I am ready to help you to unlock your true power and gain the life you want.

I am all about about healing old emotional wounds, blocks and limiting beliefs as a gateway to emotional freedom. Emotional Freedom means freedom from emotions arising from limiting beliefs which keep you stuck. Emotional Freedom means that you do not have to to anything, you have the freedom to choose. Choose to do anything, to go anywhere, to meet anybody. More and more people are getting there, and yes, it is indeed possible. And you?

The methods I use are:

  1. Certified facilitator in a healing technique called PSYCH-K®. I shall be using this technique, plus Emotion Code, in my coaching sessions
  2. Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner with EFT Universe. Have a look at my Testimonials page what my clients have to say
  3. A Blog about achieving and maintaining emotional wellbeing, and a discussion about the effective techniques available in aiding this process
  4. I am launching a video series on YouTube where I shall demonstrate certain energy techniques and provide some guidance on moving gently towards a healthier and happier YOU
  5. Have a look at these exciting cases of clients who have worked with me, and have been published these articles on the EFT Universe Newsletter: EFT Tapping for Unity in Grief and Loss; Speak Up! With EFT; Nightmare Dentist Trauma